Frequently asked questions

Can I install the OBD PowerBox 3 myself?
Your OBD PowerBox 3 comes with instructions, and a technician will guide you step by step through the assembly if necessary.

My car is hybrid, LPG or methane, can I install this control unit?
The OBD PowerBox 3 works by creating injection parameters, so even if your car is a hybrid, LPG or methane, it works the same way without creating a problem in the original control unit.

Is my car compatible?
If your car has an OBD socket, YES ! Most cars are equipped with one, you can check on your car manual or by typing the "name and model of your car" + "OBD" on google to get the heart of it.

Do I need to adjust the OBD PowerBox 3 after installing it?
The PowerBox 3 adjusts itself every 200 km, so it creates a personalized map according to your driving style. Don't forget to press the button inside the hole above the "P" by inserting a paper clip for example, for 30 seconds once the engine is running.

Does the PowerBox 3 come with a warranty?
The PowerBox 3 has a 2-year warranty, extendable up to 4 years at the customer's request.

How quickly can I be delivered?
You will be delivered in 6 working days maximum!

How can I contact you?
If you have a question about the product or your order you can send us an email at: